Your response was funny to me because it’s so nonsensical. You know what the man meant when he said “there’s a lady in here”? He meant, there is a lady in here. As in, hey room full of men, be careful with what you say because there is a woman in here. It was purely about my gender.

I don’t see how you can twist those words into “there is someone we value in our company at the moment.” When he said lady, he meant lady and nothing else. You weren’t even there so I don’t understand how you’d rather make up your own version in your head rather than listen to someone when they point out sexism.

You also replied “Do not make a victim out of yourself when it is not necessary, your life will improve, and I mean that in an absolutely friendly manner.” I don’t care how you meant it; you told me not to make a victim out of myself, which is not what I’m doing. I’m acknowledging sexism and pointing it out.

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