Yes, I’m talking about the Stanford case in which a college swimmer followed a woman who was on the brink of passing out out of a party, and then when she did pass out and was unconscious on the street, he dragged her behind a dumpster and he raped her. The victim’s letter is here if you want to know the full story. He was found guilty unanimously which is a pretty big victory, but then he received an extremely lenient sentence of only six months (only three of which he’ll probably serve if he behaves in prison).

I believe they both consumed alcohol (her to the point of passing out) but the thing is that it’s not illegal to pass out from alcohol, but it is illegal to rape someone. Plenty of people get drunk and party without raping anyone. As for your comment of why men get held responsible for raping someone (on the whole) and women don’t get held responsible for being raped, that’s because raping a person is a deliberate action while being raped is something that is happening to you and is out of your control. So, you know. And when drunk women do crimes like robbery or become violent, they are held accountable too. If a drunk man is beaten to the brink of death and robbed, no one will ask him why he drank so much because it’s not relevant, they’ll just go out there and look for the perpetrators.

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