You guys. Thank you thank you thank you.

I have been working nonstop since I published “Hello, Poverty, Old Friend” (unfortunately, the holidays are a busy time for our ER. The day after Christmas was, well, *puts head in hands, screams a little bit, and takes a desperate sip of coffee*) but now I finally have a moment to say what I’ve been wanting to say for the past couple days.

Holy shit. Thank you. Thank you guys so much.

But I never expected to receive the amount of emotional and monetary support that I have from you guys in the past two days. I am absolutely floored. I have cried so many happy tears and my jaw has dropped so many times that I think the people around me are afraid I’m having a psychotic break. I won’t name you guys by name because I’ve had more than a few people requesting to be anonymous, but thank you all so, so much.

Reading your comments full of understanding and support has been a great experience. You guys have also offered great ideas, like including my PayPal at the end of my pieces from now on.

I just wanna clear two quick things up:

  • For the folks that recommended Patreon, I tried it once and sadly it just didn’t work out. It’s not really a supportive platform for writers and also, I’m not someone who can put out a steady stream of content due to my hectic life. I write when I can, but that’s not always. Last time I had Patreon I felt that I gave up some of my freedom because that’s just the way that I think, and I couldn’t be creative under that pressure. It just wasn’t for me and it took the fun out of my writing. Also Patreon, unlike PayPal, takes a portion of your donation. But it’s a good idea! It just didn’t mesh well with my personality and *cringes* creative process *barfs*.
  • Maybe my parents shouldn’t be going on vacation when bankrupt. Okay. Good point. I grew up with them; I am aware that them going bankrupt wasn’t a complete accident. But you have to realize, 1) they’re never going to listen to me and that’s just how it goes in the Guzman house 2) I see these people work thankless jobs the whole year. The whole damn year. And this year was tough because my dad hurt his knee and is now on disability (can’t drive a bus when your right knee is busted), we lost a buttload of money filing yet another step of my mom’s immigration papers so she’s not deported, and we filed for bankruptcy. I’m going to let them have their goddamn vacation. (Not to mention the room and food are complimentary because of a connection my dad has). I’m the one that chose this career path, and I will deal with the low income for now. They put me through college as immigrants. As far as I’m concerned, them letting me live with them and feeding me and doing my laundry is wayyyy more than enough help from them. #endspeech

You guys have been so incredible to me and I cannot thank you guys enough. You have taken away so much stress from me this holiday season and now I can just put my feet up and relax (well, at least after today’s overnight shift). I am excited to bring you new content in 2017 and see what new stuff you all post too. I am sending you all an enormous hug and a boozy kiss and thank you all so much! -Ellie

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