Ooof. I need to lie down after reading that.

I wanted to ignore this, truly. It just bothered me more than any other not-nice comments because of the extreme disconnect in issues and obviously, the race thing. Look, you are completely right in that age is used to discriminate people, a point I actually mentioned in my piece (remember? The part about older parents and teenagers being easier to exploit for companies since they’re more desperate for money). But no, dude, calling some imaginary person a dried up cadaver as a joke (which, to be insufferably meta, is clearly playing on the absurdity of the word “cadaver” as an insult because no one uses that) and saying that all Hispanics are rapists is soooo not the same thing. The fact that you think that gives me some serious heeby jeebies. One was clearly a joke and the other is a serious thing that a racist man said and is getting political support for. There are people out there in this weird world that want a man in office who thinks stuff like that and wants to round up my family and I like sheep. I’m not going to try to explain to you how awful it is that you equate the two, especially because you clearly just made your profile to reply with your thinly veiled racism without consequence, seeing as that’s your only post and you only follow Staff. Way to be gross.

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