Oh brother. Was it thesaurus night at the Y? Or are you having a stroke?

What hurts the most is that he assaulted me (you know, the violence of it and violation of my bodily autonomy), and not my pride somehow being hurt that I didn’t see it coming, but thanks for mansplaining my own trauma to me. And for clarity, no, I didn’t want him to fail some sort of test. I wasn’t scheming with my vixen ways.

And no, it wouldn’t play out like a hilarious skit if his head vs my head was on tv, “different theatres of mind” as you call it. It would be anything but hilarious. That line of thinking makes me wonder if the theater of your mind is empty.

When I sort through the diarrhea that is “If you still want to strive for an existence of high intensity visceral pleasures enjoyed in a security blanket of of caring loving family and friends always looking out for you as you look out for them, then you like your X, you will be eternally miserable”, I glean that you think I’ll be miserable if I keep expecting to have a happy life with loved ones who want the best for me. This makes me sad because I can’t imagine what the quality of your life is like. Hopefully not as bad as that sentence.

When you typed “It’s your life, you made a bad call, own it” did you have an orgasm? That’s the only thing that would justify such a stupid comment.

For you: https://medium.com/@ellieguzman/internet-users-leave-asinine-comments-on-blog-posts-have-best-climaxes-of-their-lives-139e954d1b99#.mxdnbauo4

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TV writer trying to figure it out. My book “Rags to Rags“ is available here: https://amzn.to/369O9ac . You can support my writing here: https://bit.ly/352dzrf

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