Nailed it, Lon. Also fun tidbit of info re: my sad life, I actually got rejected from UCLA because I rushed the application in one day since I was convinced I’d be going to the east coast for college, on an adventure. The only reason I got into USC was because I tried hard in my application since it was the same one I submitted to Boston University (where I also got in and almost went but then USC was like “here’s a ton of money!”). 2011 was a different time.

Believe it or not, no joke, many of my friends who went to UCLA *spits* are actually worse off. Though tuition is cheaper, financial aid itself is worse, so the net amount that their family pays is more than if they’d gone to a more generous private school. Also, they have a terrible time getting space in classes and the quarter system has beat them down through the years (USC has a semester system which honestly makes a huge difference). Though I did an extra semester at USC (due to a degree change from business to biology, a story for another time), many of my public school friends are doing a whole extra year or year and a half. Times are tough. Also UCLA SUCKZZZZZ!! Not to mention at USC I could just waltz into the financial aid office or the counselor’s office, whereas from what I’ve been told by friends that’s a weeklong process at public schools.

Yup, all Reagan’s fault. That fossilized nincompoop.

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