My Book is Out Next Week!

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This is a blog where I got my start writing words and now that I am posting this announcement I am completely out of words. So… ahhh!

You can preorder (and then review!) on Amazon at or order from your local indie bookstore at . How exciting!

Okay so now you’re asking, what IS this book? I’m glad you asked! (As you can tell I am on my third coffee today.)

Rags to Rags is a funny, sad, all around irreverent collection of short essays about being the poorest kid in the room. Throughout my entire life, I’ve accidentally ended up in wealthy spaces regardless of my own personal poverty. As a kid a strange series of events led to me stumbling into the child acting industry, and as a college student I ended up smack dab in the middle of one of the richest student populations in the US (you know, the one with all the bribery scandals). Now as an adult, I live paycheck to paycheck with a roommate but am surrounded by wealth in my new career in the entertainment industry. I’m honestly still trying to figure out exactly what a “Fico” is.

I am no stranger to feeling out of place as a Latina woman/first generation American/lover of Hawaiian pizza and that’s helped me find the humor in often being the person who doesn’t necessarily “belong” in the room. Trust me, you don’t need to be poor or a person of color to relate to that. And so the book deals with those feelings of being an outsider, especially with money, and how that can mess with your mind but also bring out an intense, almost feral drive in achieving your goals. Being broke made me who I am so I wrote about it! And it’s me so you know it gets weird.

I really hope you all enjoy it! And honestly even if you don’t, I want to thank you for reading my blog and supporting my lil dream since before I knew it could become a reality.

Yay Medium!

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TV writer trying to figure it out. My book “Rags to Rags“ is available here: . You can support my writing here:

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