Medium Needs A Featured Humor Section

You know how at the top of the site, there’s sections like Tech, Culture, Self, Politics, Science, etc.? Humor needs to be featured in that way on Medium too.

I know there’s a tag and sometimes individual humor pieces make the “popular” page, but that’s not enough. There’s a large (and popular) humor community on this site, and it’s not getting the exposure it deserves.

There’s so many great humor writers on here, and so many brilliantly curated publications (Slackjaw, The Cooper Review, Bullshitist, Belladonna Comedy, etc etc etc). I know obviously I’m primarily a humor writer so I’m biased, but I truly believe having a featured Humor section would serve both existing Medium members who want their work to see fresh eyes, and new members who have funny ideas and will think “oh hey, there’s a place for me here on this site.” It will encourage more humor writing and more engagement with the website from people who previously might not have been as involved, simply because they will feel there’s a new space for their writing here. And in this current era of rapid change (and craziness) both in the US and globally, satire and humor are greatly needed.

Anyway, that’s my pitch. What do you all think?

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