Is This Dating Advice From A Woman’s Magazine Or Something I Thought Of While High on Zyrtec?

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The answer key is at the bottom of this post. Post-post, if you will. Will you? Please do.

  1. If he breathes deeply before he talks to you, he likes you
  2. If he stands with his hands on his hips, he likes you
  3. If he shows you his forearms, he likes you
  4. If he shows you his palms, he likes you
  5. If he blinks a lot, he likes you
  6. If he wears a button up with the buttons undone, he likes you
  7. If he grins widely with a closed mouth, he likes you
  8. If he smiles with teeth, he likes you
  9. If he smiles above the mouth, he likes you
  10. If he doesn’t look you in the eyes, he likes you

See answers below!

Drum roll please

Answer Key:

  1. A woman’s magazine
  2. A woman’s magazine
  3. I made it up
  4. A woman’s magazine
  5. Oh yeah I made this up
  6. Made this up too (but pretty sure it’s true)
  7. Also made this up
  8. A woman’s magazine
  9. A woman’s magazine
  10. A woman’s magazine

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