I think it depends. Like that was your friend and he already knows you. If I had a friend who always did that I doubt I’d be bothered by it, like some friends I have who call me sweetie or something. It’s just how they are and I know them. I was talking more about like, when I go to a coffee shop or bookstore and some random person I don’t know hears me talk fluently in English and then gives me an “adios!” or something. I feel like it’s a way to say “hey, we’re all speaking English here and so are you, but I wanted you to know that I am very aware that you’re a Latina, but I’m progressive, so I’m going to speak to you in what I assume is your mother tongue even though you are way more comfortable with English and were born in California, but adios señorita.” It’s like, okay, I don’t know you?

Trust your gut, though. If you felt weird that’s probably because it was. But you and your friend are the best judges of that. I think that if that’s just how you talk and you greet everyone with an hola and bid farewell with an adios, that’s just a speech quirk. Lord knows I couldn’t stop saying bye with “catch you on the flippety flip” for years on end. But if that’s only what you say to your Latino/Hispanic friends who aren’t speaking Spanish otherwise, then I’d reevaluate that.

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