Hi Pierre,

Thanks for your response. Now I’m going to break it down and try to explain this as simply as possible; sorry if it’s long.

“I want to express my views, among other reasons, because I think you are not being fare to the cause you are defending, nor efficient. So I have a few questions for you. Do you think you are defending the victim by vomiting your anger on whoever is related to the rapist? In my opinion, you are adding to the suffering.”

There’s one thing I’m trying to make a point about with this post: I’m trying to point out the double standards in the rapist’s father’s letter. I’m not attacking people for being related to the rapist. I’m taking this letter that the guy’s father wrote and making fun of that. I point out in my first paragraph that a father is expected to love his son and stand by him and that’s his right, but that the letter was ridiculous. Here it is:

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I mean come on, he likes food?

“You think the character you are addressing is fiction, don’t you? Think again. You are bashing at real people. Do you know what it feels like to be the parent, mom or dad, of one who has been convicted for violence?”

No, I don’t think he’s fiction. I can read and I know he’s real. As I mentioned previously, I’m not shaming him for loving and supporting his son. I’m shaming him for inserting stupid shit (like “Brock always enjoyed certain types of food”) into this trial to try to get his son out of jail when he should very much be in jail for being a rapist.

“Why did you chose the family name “Von ShitBrick”? Why the “Von”? Aren’t you projecting your own xenophobic fantasies by using a more or less Germanic-sounding name? Think about it for a minute.”

I’m starting to feel that you’re grasping at straws here so let me shut this down: I am a first-generation American child of immigrants from a tiny third world country named El Salvador. My family’s a victim of actual xenophobia all the time in the media and our culture. If you must know I put the Von in there to add a break between two curse words, partially inspired by Jon Stewart’s bit calling Donald Trump “FuckFace Von ClownStick”. Better luck next time.

“Did the victimized person gave you permission to speak on her behalf? Are you sure she wants her personal situation (it’s hers, not yours) to turn into a public debate and turmoil at this point in time? I can’t tell for sure but if I were you I would ask myself the question.”

I’m not speaking for the victim. I’m speaking from a satirized perspective of the rapist’s father (and rape culture in general) and I’m speaking for my own self, a woman who’s tired of rape culture mentality and rapists receiving such lenient sentences. Also, the victim is anonymous and she gave her statement to BuzzFeed so they could post it, and she followed up saying that there’s beauty in everyone fighting for her when they don’t know who she is. I think she wants this kind of crap pointed out because that’s what she so bravely did with her statement. She wants people to know that injustice that happened to her both with the rape and with the sentencing.

Finally, your last bit: “In addition, remember: “An eye for an eye will make the world blind.” Even more rapidly, if we all start retaliating on behalf of someone else.”

That kinda sounds like “Shhhhh” to me. It’s my blog; I’m going to call out bullshit when I see it.


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