I’m good! So is B; he was in town last week but went back up to school in Northern California and won’t be back until June :( So now that he left I’ve been writing a lot and chilling out. How have you been?

I like stuffed crust pepperoni pizza! Stuffed crust is life. Also there’s a place in Venice that has really good sauce for their pizza which makes it incredible. It’s so good! They have salad pizza which sounds weird but is actually amazing. Check it out:

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Salad pizza is amazing.

Ooooh In-N-Out? This post is making me hungry!

I haven’t had McDonald’s since I watched that video with the pink chicken nugget slime back when I was in high school. So gross! And I think I’d have to be really desperate to ever get a hot dog from BK… but I do eat tendergrills from them every once in a while.

Yeah I love LA; I can’t imagine living anywhere else.



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